Cette page présente un ensemble de vidéos en langue anglaise conçues pour vous aider à tirer le meilleur profit du logiciel.

Présentées par le Docteur Neil W. Polhemus, le créateur de STATGRAPHICS, ces vidéos vous apprendront non seulement à utiliser le logiciel mais elles vous permettront également de découvrir de nombreux concepts statistiques à partir desquels les procédures sont élaborées.

Version 19

Statgraphics 19 Additions and Enhancements  (14 min)

User Interface
Interface to Python  (14 min)
Using the Statgraphics Dashboard  (14 min)

SPC and Design of Experiments
Conformance Analysis  (6 min)
Constructing Alias Optimal Designs  (13 min)
Gage R&R Studies (GLM Method)  (7 min)
Optimizing Existing Designs  (6 min)

Statistical Modeling
Equivalence and Non-Inferiority Tests for Variance  (11 min)
Fitting Bivariate Mixture Distributions  (5 min)
Fitting Univariate Mixture Distributions  (8 min)
Fitting Johnson Distributions  (7 min)
GLM Stepwise Effect Selection  (8 min)
Piecewise Linear Regression  (9 min)
Quantile Regression  (8 min)
Stability Studies  (7 min)
Zero-Inflated Count Distributions  (6 min)
Zero-Inflated Count Regression  (17 min)

Machine Learning
Decision Forests  (17 min)
K-Means Clustering  (12 min)

Data Visualization
Barcharts with Lines  (2 min)
Venn and Euler Diagrams  (10 min)
Waterfall Plots  (8 min)

Version 18

What’s New in Statgraphics 18?  (9 min)

Getting Started
Download and Installation  (9 min)
Registration  (4 min)
Trial Period Activation  (3 min)
Single User License  (4 min)
Academic Site License  (3 min)
Multiuser Network License  (8 min)
Check-out/Check-in Seats  (8 min)

Big Data
Creating Statgraphics Big Data (.sgb) Files  (10 min)
Plotting Big Data  (6 min)
Analyzing Big Data  (8 min)
Modifying Big Data Files  (3 min)
Combining Big Data Files  (1 min)

Data Mining and Machine Learning
Classification and Regression Trees Part 1: Classification Trees  (21 min)
Classification and Regression Trees Part 2: Regression Trees  (9 min)
Multidimensional Scaling  (14 min)
Text Mining  (11 min)

Data Visualization
Diamond Plots  (4 min)
Donut Charts  (7 min)
Dynamic Demographic Maps  (8 min)
Heat Maps  (7 min)
Likert Plots  (6 min)
Population Pyramid Statlet  (4 min)
Sunflower Plots  (5 min)
Tornado and Butterfly Plots  (2 min)
Trivariate Density Estimation  (4 min)
Violin Plots  (7 min)
Wind Rose Statlet  (4 min)

Design of Experiments
Contour Plots in Statgraphics 18  (3 min)
Definitive Screening Designs  (10 min)
Ribbon Plots  (3 min)

Estimation and Testing
Distribution Fitting for Arbitrarily Censored Data  (14 min)
Equivalence and Noninferiority Tests Part 1 (Comparing Two Means)  (18 min)
Equivalence and Noninferiority Tests Part 2 (2×2 Crossover Study)  (15 min)
Multivariate Normality Tests  (10 min)
Orthogonal Regression  (8 min)

Monte Carlo Simulation – Sensitivity Tornado Plot  (8 min)
Generating Multivariate Normal Random Numbers  (5 min)

Statistical Process Control
Attribute Capability Analysis Statlet – Part 1: Classical Methods  (16 min)
Attribute Capability Analysis Statlet – Part 2: Bayesian Methods  (11 min)
Capability Control Charts  (11 min)
Capability Control Chart Design  (6 min)
Multivariate Process Capability Analysis  (12 min)
Multivariate Tolerance Regions  (14 min)
Process Capability Analysis – Fitting Johnson Curves  (11 min)
Process Capability Analysis – Sample Size Determination  (11 min)
Statistical Tolerance Limits – Sample Size Determination  (10 min)

Time Series Analysis
Ljung-Box Test for Autocorrelation  (13 min)
Time Series Baseline Plot  (5 min)
X-13ARIMA-SEATS Seasonal Adjustment  (11 min)

New Data Types in Statgraphics 18  (4 min)
New Operators in Statgraphics 18  (6 min)
R – Installation and Configuration  (6 min)
Repeat Analysis For…  (4 min)
Replace Censored Values  (3 min)

Version 17

What’s New in Version 17?  (14 min)
Statgraphics Centurion Version 17 Overview  (44 min)
Webinar: Introduction to Statgraphics Centurion Version 17  (1 h 36 min)

New User Interface Features
Add Objects to a Graph  (7 min)
Audit Trails and StatFolio Passwords  (8 min)
Creating Header Columns in a Datasheet  (2 min)
Improved Axis Scaling  (6 min)
Record a Video  (5 min)
Tabular Options  (4 min)
Using the StatLog  (6 min)
Value Labels  (4 min)
Zoom and Pan  (5 min)

New Data Visualization
Corrgram (Correlation Plot)  (6 min)
Demographic Map Brushing  (8 min)
Demographic Map Visualiser  (5 min)
Deviation Dashboard  (7 min)
Interactive Histogram  (3 min)
Multivariate Visualizer  (14 min)
Open-High-Low-Close Candlestick Plot  (15 min)
Probabilistic Fractal  (7 min)
1D Visualizer  (11 min)
2D Visualizer  (8 min)
3D Visualizer  (8 min)

New Statistical Analyses
Bivariate Density Statlet  (6 min)
Comparison of Heterogeneous Samples  (9 min)
Computer Generated Optimal Designs  (16 min)
Control Charts for Overdispersed Rates and Proportions  (11 min)
Control Charts for Rare Events  (10 min)
Curve-Fitting Statlet  (12 min)
Exponential Smoothing Statlet  (8 min)
Factorial Repeated Measures Designs  (17 min)
Factorability Tests  (12 min)
Item Reliability Analysis  (7 min)
Kriging  (12 min)
MIL-STD 1916 and ANSI Z1.4 Acceptance Sampling for Attributes  (14 min)
MIL-STD 1916 and ANSI Z1.9 Acceptance Sampling for Variables  (14 min)
Oneway Repeated Measures Designs  (16 min)
Power Transformations Statlet  (10 min)
Process Capability Analysis Statlet  (31 min)
Reliability Demonstration Test Plans  (9 min)
Sample Size Determination Statlet  (8 min)
Surface-Fitting Statlet  (10 min)
Ternary Plot  (9 min)

Versions 16 et 17

Getting Started
Installing STATGRAPHICS Centurion  (3 min)
Activating the Program  (2 min)
Regular or Six Sigma Menu?  (1 min)
A Quick Tour  (7 min)

Data Management
Entering Data by Hand  (5 min)
Using the Windows Clipboard  (1 min)
Reading an External Data File  (2 min)
Querying a Database  (3 min)
Polling Data in Real Time  (1 min)

Basic Program Operation
What’s a StatFolio?  (11 min)
Modifying Graphs  (10 min)
Copying Output to Word, Excel and PowerPoint  (4 min)
Using the StatReporter  (2 min)
Using the StatGallery  (6 min)
Saving Output as HTML with StatPublish  (5 min)
Print and Print Preview  (4 min)
Using the « Select » Field to Analyze Subsets of Your Data  (4 min)
Locating Statistical Procedures and Tests using the StatWizard  (3 min)
Saving System Preferences  (6 min)

Tips, Tricks, Time-Savers
4 Tips for New Users  (6 min)
Calculating Running Totals and First Differences  (1 min)
Combining 2 Text Columns using JUXTAPOSE  (2 min)
Constructing a Boolean Variable to Exclude Outliers  (7 min)
Demonstrating Sampling Variability with the RNORMAL Operator  (3 min)
Generating Patterned Data  (4 min)
Repeating an Analysis for Each Level of a « By » Variable  (4 min)
Transforming Data « On-the-Fly »  (3 min)
Using Row Numbers as a Variable  (1 min)
Using the Ctrl Key on Data Input Dialog Boxes  (1 min)
Using the EXCLUDE Operator to Exclude Rows from an Analysis  (2 min)

Analyzing a Single Column of Data
Summarizing the Data Graphically  (9 min)
Summarizing the Data Numerically  (8 min)
Testing a Hypothesis  (8 min)
Do My Data Have Outliers?  (14 min)
Do My Data Follow a Normal Distribution?  (7 min)
Determining the Correct Distribution  (5 min)
Finding the Proper Normalizing Transformation  (8 min)
Are My Data Independent?  (9 min)

What was new in version 16?
Analysis of Repairable Systems  (10 min)
Automated Alerts in SPC Procedures  (2 min)
Correspondence Analysis  (15 min)
Dashboard Gage Plot  (2 min)
Data (DataViewer, file format, variable names, import from other stat packages)  (3 min)
Rotating 3-D Plots  (2 min)
Exploring Response Surfaces  (3 min)
Zoom and Pan  (2 min)
Smoothing Scatterplots  (1 min)
Brushing Scatterplots  (2 min)
Jittering Points to Avoid Overplotting  (1 min)
Labeling Points  (2 min)
Graphics Profile Designer  (2 min)
Multiple Correspondence Analysis  (15 min)
Named Web Colors  (1 min)
Point Process Modeling  (13 min)
Repeating an Analysis for Each Level of a « By » Variable  (3 min)
Sampling Distributions  (1 min)
Sequential Sampling  (6 min)
Sharing System Preferences  (1 min)
3-D Mesh and Contour Plots  (1 min)
XML Scripts  (6 min)

Using the Design of Experiments Wizard
What’s New in STATGRAPHICS for DOE?  (2 min)
Step 1: Defining the Response Variables  (5 min)
Step 2: Defining the Experimental Factors  (4 min)
Step 3: Selecting a Design  (4 min)
Step 4: Specifying a Model  (1 min)
Step 5: Selecting a Subset of the Runs  (2 min)
Step 6: Evaluating the Design  (2 min)
Step 7: Saving the Experiment  (1 min)
Performing the Experiment  (1 min)
Step 8: Analyzing the Data  (12 min)
Step 9: Optimizing the Responses  (4 min)
Step 10: Saving the Results  (1 min)
Step 11: Augmenting the Design  (2 min)
Step 12: Extrapolating the Fitted Models  (3 min)
All above 12 steps in a single playlist
Computer Generated Optimal Designs (16 min)

Quality Assurance and Six Sigma
Control Charts for Overdispersed Rates and Proportions (10 min)
Control Charts for Rare Events (10 min)
MIL-STD 1916 and ANSI Z1.4 Acceptance Sampling for Attributes (14 min)
MIL-STD 1916 and ANSI Z1.9 Acceptance Sampling for Variables (13 min)
Process Capability Analysis Statlet (31 min)
Reliability Demonstration Test Plans (9 min)
Six Sigma Calculator  (7 min)
Statistical Tolerance Limits  (12 min)

Things you won’t find in other products
The StatAdvisor  (2 min)
Instant Translation into French, German, Italian or Spanish  (1 min)
A Six Sigma DMAIC Menu  (1 min)
Tables are Real Tables and Graphs are Real Graphs  (4 min)
Dashboard Gage Plot  (2 min)
Polar Coordinates Plot  (2 min)
Radar/Spider Plot  (1 min)
Spherical Coordinates Plot  (1 min)
Generalized Gamma Distribution  (1 min)
Generalized Logistic Distribution  (1 min)
Map by State  (1:25)
Point Process Modeling  (13 min)
Sequential Sampling  (6 min)
Comparison of Regression Lines  (6 min)
Curve Fitting – Selecting from 27 Nonlinear Models  (11 min)
Ridge Regression  (10 min)
Acceptance Control Charts  (8 min)
ARIMA Control Charts for Autocorrelated Data  (15 min)
Automated Alerts in SPC Procedures  (2 min)
Six Sigma Calculator  (7 min)
Automatic Forecasting  (8 min)
High-Low-Close Plots  (1 min)
Seasonal Decomposition  (6 min)